I am an ambitious, optimistic and opportunistic person. A person who always look for opportunities, to meet new people and a chance to do new and different things. Thus the reason for studying journalism, to achieve the goal of becoming the person I aim to be; a investigating journalist, and just finding me, but do you ever find yourself? because you learn something new about yourself everyday. So I will make it simple and say; “Studying journalism to get to the point of where preparation meets opportunity.”

I created this blog to communicate my taught on different stories and statements.  Basically you get to explore what is happening in this crazy, wild and curious mind of mine.

Come on! We all have those opinions in our heads, about something or someone, but we are too afraid to voice them. As a young person, I feel we have a lot of things to say, but we care too much of what others might think, or we think we’re not qualified to say what we want to say. But guess what? We ourselves are the main components standing in the way of what we have to say as young people. We block our voices because of others, but we are the only ones who can change that.