#Hashtag follow me

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Receiving an assignment for my Edit and Design class, which is part of my Journalism course, I had to gain 200 plus Twitter followers, by implementing basic strategies to gain traffic to my Twitter account, without asking people to follow me.

I gained 250 followers over the period of one month. What I did was, I started tweeting every day and every few hours as much as I can, this was a way for me to feel relevant in the Twitter community. I followed everyone back who followed me. What I loved doing was to participate in hashtag games, I noticed it was both smart and fun to do for me, because that is where I gained most of my followers.

Retweet other people’s posts, this way you attract people that has the same interests as you. Make yourself open to comment on people’s post, to get recognition and to keep you relevant. To gain more followers, you can also like people’s comments in the comment section; it makes them feel you agree with whatever they said, so they follow you back. Lastly, I made sure to participate and give opinions on whatever is trending, in your Twitter search bar.

In the beginning it was fun to share, post and retweet, but once you are hooked to Twitter, there is no turning back. I felt more informed about everything that was happening around the world, whether it was newsworthy or just something small, like someone who won a million rand for eating the hottest pepper in the world. I also felt that Twitter became very toxic, because what people say and how they react to certain things makes it harder to have your own opinion at the end of the day – a classic example of a toxic relationship with Twitter is that of the President of the USA Donald Trump, who misuse and sometimes tweet words and phrases which upset and cause chaos the world over. Nonetheless, Twitter, if using it for sole purpose it can be both toxic and fulfilling, depending on how you take it. But at the end, it was good knowing you Twitter.


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