Bad Blood through a reader’s glass


Will Storr


Source: The Guardian

The award winning multi-talented Will Storr has made headlines all over the world. A Journalist, novelist and photographer who loves telling stories and his stories has featured in magazines and newspapers all over the world, like the Guardian Weekend, The Times Magazine, Marie Claire and the Sydney Morning Herald. Multiple popular books behind his name,


Source: Goodreads

like ‘Selfie’, Will Storr Vs the Supernatural and the unpersuadable, just to name a few.

Will has won many awards that honours his writing and the type of stories he delivers, awards like the New Journalist of the Year and Feature Writer of the Year, the National Press Club award for excellence. He also won the AFM award for the Best Investigative journalism for his investigation into the kangaroo meat industry. In 2012, he was presented with both the One World Press award and the Amnesty International award for his work on sexual violence against men. He has also won the AIB Award for Best Investigative Documentary for his BBC radio series. With all his achievement and successes, he also finds the time to teach popular journalism and storytelling classes in London, at Guardian Masterclasses and The Faber Academy.


Bad Blood through a reader’s glass

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A biographical book that covers mystery, crime, politics, as well as a look at health and medicine; Bad Blood, written by Will Storr – a feature story based on the true life story about the mysterious life and brutal death of the Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko.

Written by Will Storr, narrated by Ian Parkinson, who brings it to life and published by Matter, which also makes Bad Blood there sixth story published in the series of investigating the fall of the USSR and the death of Alexander Litvinenko, with a rare radiating toxic product.


Source: BBC

Alexander Litvinenko escaped the fury of the Russian President and his feared security service. With he was free but he also knew that with the escape it would cause political conflict – consequences of a secret agent fleeing to a different country. On that chilly afternoon in November, 2006, Litvinenko was having tea with some Russian acquaintances, not knowing that a brutal toxicity fight was waiting ahead, one battle he could not survive.

kgb_badgeThe book speaks of expensive and rare poison, poison that only governments have access to, which explains a lot about how governments work; they have the power to do get and do what they want. The former Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB); the committee for state security, who was the main security agency for the Soviet Union from 1964 until its break up in 1991 and it is said that the KGB has supposedly killed a Russian dissident in England – Alexander Litvinenko. The way this true story is written, gives life to the actual happenings. The story makes you rethink a lot of things, like the political systems in various countries and it gives you an insight on Russia and its government.

a great example of “you die the way you live” kind of stories.

This story is written for readers who is much likely into investigative journalism, politics and find it intriguing to read about how people get murdered – a great example of “you die the way you live” kind of stories. It is also recommended for people who like to be informed about anything happening in the world, in this case the rise of the Russian Mafia and corrupt politicians all over the world.




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