Big-league Blogging

download.jpgBlogging has become a worldwide trend for citizens who loves writing, for student journalists, freelancers and even professional journalists. Blogging is a more creative and freely way of expressing your taught and opinions, that is why it is so popular amongst many writers.

People follow blogs or websites that covers their level of interests, so if you’re a specialist in your specific field blogging would be a good way of engaging with the right type of people; a platform where research for new ideas can be gained and sharing can take place. Sharing the same interests as other people, helps you built an audience for yourself.


Most importantly, blogging is a necessity for student journalist. This is where you practice your writing, building a community of audiences and getting use to the discussions on anything happening in the world. Blogging would be your main platform to practice on and to promote yourself – making yourself known to the public and constantly writing and updating content to keep your writing and blog fresh and new, for job-seeking purposes.

“Discovery happened when I started my blog”

“Blogging would be your profile for your career started, when looking for a job.”


Even if you are not a journalist or freelancer, blogging helps you connect with people and gives you the ability to establish your own fan base – a place where people can see your blog as a source for information on a specific topic. A place where debate and discussion can take place.






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