Roeland Street: Creativity and originality, lives here.


Photo taken by Robyn Lucas

Roeland Street is where you can find anything, from designing shops to business ranging from motor vehicle services, to cafe’s that sells the best coffee, you can find.


The street has been around since Cape Town’s earliest days. It is seen as the main gateway from the city centre onto De Waal Drive, and it is how travel bloggers describes it. This street is situated on the east side of town and starts right in front of Parliament where St. John’s Road and Plein Street meet.

Parliament is one of the most visited places in Cape Town, which makes it a perfect introduction for Roeland Street. The South African flags at the entrance to Parliament greet the locals and attract the tourist along with the statue of Louis Botha, a boer war hero during the second world war who became the first Prime Minister to the Union of South Africa.


Roeland Street is a place of learning…

On the opposite side of the road between St. John’s Road and Hope Street lies St. Mary’s Cathedral built in 1841 and completed in 1851, which is open to go and visit. In the pictures on the right, is the two tertiary institutions, where creativity takes its roll at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and City Varsity College.


Roeland Street is where local business owners feel at home, because this is where they are almost every day, which they never get bored of;

“something new and interesting happens here, on this street and we meet new people and hear new stories every day” says Carpenter’s Shop owner.

The Carpenter’s Shop provide food, employment, clothing, accommodation and training in carpentry, panel beating and handicraft skills.

The popular corner of Roeland Street and Buitenkant Street gives way to Kimberley Hotel. The Kimberley Hotel, more known for its genuine and typical olden day pub that was once the starting point for horse-drawn carriages leaving the mother city for Kimberley. Further on, the Kimberley Hotel and Backpackers offers 11 bedrooms, the large and famous sunset balcony.

The last business before reaching Harrington Street on the left is Mike Hopkins Motorcycles; agent, Kawasaki and Aeon. Between Harrington and Canterbury Street on your left, stands SAHRA South African Heritage Resources Agency (021 4624502). SAHRA is an agency of the Department of Arts and Culture and is the body responsible to protect South Africa’s cultural heritage.20170328_135346

The early morning delicious smell of coffee, when you walk pass is, crossing Roeland to the right, Vida e Caffe at no.62 Roeland Street, it is one of the successful string of coffee shop franchises found throughout South Africa. Striving to capture an original and cosy feel to it, and creating their own culture. Vida e Caffe is a simple and modern take on a quick coffee pit stop. A place for chilling, working and most importantly to get great food.


To get your perfect shot, Orms Print Room is situated at no.66 Roeland Street and specializes in professional fine art printing, décor and business print solutions, customised photo gifts, high res scanning and instagram art.O.jpg

To get a quick bite, on the opposite side of the road across Roeland Square, Fruit&Veg City is situated between Canterbury and Drury Street. Accompanied by a large parking area for a quick pop in and out, whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner. F.jpg

At no.103 Roeland Street and find Harold Cressy High School, with sports fields and school buildings and situated on the right hand side of Roeland Street at no.72.


Cape Archived

The perfect place for digging up your past, is the Western Cape records and archive services. Originally the site was where the old Roeland Street Prison used to operate, this building was constructed for the Cape Town Archives Source that moved into the new building in 1990. Access to the archives is free and after signing a register one can view archives in the reading room. The records involve maps, photographs, microfilms, books, pamphlets and official publications. The holdings consist of 33 thousand metres of archives and date back as far as 1651.

Fre.jpgFurther up the street named De Villiers only breaks out to the left, taking one to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and then finally the street ends of with the Cape Town Fire station, with a great view of Table Mountain behind it.



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