Is automated journalism taking away the art of writing?

Automation is what we looking at for the future of journalism. This could only mean good things for the industry of journalism, but what does it mean for future journalists?


Automated journalism is defined as algorithmic processes that converts data into a story news, where there is no human intervention outside the original programming
Automated journalism has been there for a long time, and has recently made its way into newsrooms. The implementation of this type of journalism was mostly because solutions for in-house problems, like help to increase both the speed and exposure of news coverage.

Automated journalism gives basic facts and necessary details people are looking for, where journalists just add more additional info into the story. Even though this could mean that less work for journalists, but many journalists were actually open minded towards the automation process; accepting that this process is not necessarily replacing reporters, but actually enhancing the role of reporters, meaning that crime reporters uses the automatically generated stories, that is “written” by the automated journalist, as opening leads for exploring a particular case in more detail, for example by adding information about the victim’s life and family.

Andreas Graefe says that automated news already developed almost half a century ago, in terms of weather forecasting, where the outputs of weather forecasting models the different elements, like the wind, speed and temperature, and organizes them by importance. She also said that the software is freeing meteorologist for the more challenging roles of meteorological consultants and specialists on high-impact weather situation. What I see is that this software is actually creating an interpersonal relationship between the meteorologist and his job; taking away a part of a meteorologist’s work, the passion and the role behind their jobs.




“You can’t compete, if you don’t automate”

I would understand that this software will work perfectly, and where this software is a necessity is where people seek financial news, but want the details quick and short as possible; the software will make it easier to understand. Economic benefits include the increases the quality of news coverage, as well as how quick the readers get their news.

The future of journalism would also mean that the readers get exactly what they want; which is quick news, in an accurate and most importantly in an objective way and in the language the reader prefers. This will lead to people having their own views and opinions on a story, without someone else giving them a direct idea of what to make of it.

For journalists, this will mean that they would understand big amounts of data, and would know how to make it more detailed and interesting for their audiences, also getting the chance to tell their story in an improved way.


Even though automation has its perks, it also has its disadvantages, like for instance algorithms follows a set of rules for generating news, and that means the software cannot originate or transform. Because of the challenge to implement this program many newsrooms have, like the necessary resources and skills to develop automated journalism, media organizations have started to come up with ways to develop a technology that will help with the natural language, like automatically adding human language (Humour, sarcasm and metaphors) in.

The number of media organizations that automated journalism providers currently report as customers are small, it still stays an open question. This is the best time to experiment or to be an early-market phase. While it is, it can also find ways for journalists to accept and find creativity within the program.





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  2. kaylum · September 13, 2016

    This is a great read, it certainly answers anyone who might have wondered what automated journalism is and gives a clear explanation on how journalists and society will be affected.

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    • rideordie107 · September 14, 2016

      Thank you so much, happy to help people understand something, because I was in that same boat, but with a little research it helped.

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