Radio Still ALIVE!!!

A recent debate on Hectic 9, about radio being a dying medium, because of social media and technology advancing, and people THINKING radio is not needed anymore, captured my attention. Well I say radio is not a dying medium.

Radio I see as a surviving medium and not a dying medium. The world of technology has indeed changed, but radio will always have its place. As long as we still have voices, radio will never be a dying medium.

Many people say that radio has been around so long and has become such a familiar feature on the media landscape that we no longer pay much attention to it. That is why I say, if radio would ever die, people will definitely realize that it is not around. Even if it would die, it will always find a way to come back. Just looking at some things that is making its way back, from what has been a trend and becoming something again. Like fashion trends, as the baggy pants, high cut skirts and the retro hairstyles becoming a must have, which was part of the 80s, and now coming back, where people are only improving it to fit in with this generation. That is just something to look at; when I say radio will always be part of this world. In the early days, people used to expect television to replace radio, but still radio was slow to die. Even now, with social media as a worldwide trend, radio is still going and getting better, as it is upgrading to online radio, it is something new but it still remains radio.

Radio is fast, effective, easy and user-friendly, and a key component of radio, of course is the news, the medium’s ability to get essential, breaking information out to people fast, when it happens and when they need it. Radio builds community-where radio is often the heartbeat of communities across Africa. It reflects the concerns of the day, and speaks to local realities. It is a dialogue starter, and an information hub. Radio paints a picture in your mind, creates stories and teaches a lot of people about what is happening in the world, some organisations, like the Children’s Radio Foundation who’s even helping in making radio stronger, especially for young people to voice their opinions, creating a platform, where they can have an opinion and have a voice.

Recent survey reports shows that half the population turns to radio as its principal source of information in an emergency. When the power goes out and the telephone wires are down, portable radios link us to information we need. As we have load shedding a bunch of times, we need radio now more than ever. When usual communications are cut, radio remains our most reliable means of keeping in touch with the outside world. Like for communities where technology is not so advanced, radio is where we get our latest music and news, whenever and wherever.

I am not just saying all of this, because I am a radio presenter, but before my time it was my top choice for audio and entertainment on the go. It especially works in communities, where electricity is not a given.

Radio can follow you from place to place, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.


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